What kinds of Dushan jade can be divided into

Dushan jade is a unique product of Nanyang, unique in the country. Nanyang Dushanyu is known as one of China's four famous jade, dating back more than 6,000 years. It is fresh and moist, and has long been respected by collectors and has a very important position in the jade market. Dushan jade is generally a multi-color jade composed of two or more tones. What kinds of common Dushan jade varieties can be classified according to color?


Purple Dushan jade: lavender spots on the dark green texture, opaque, purple jade bright brown jade and other varieties.

Bai Dushan jade: mainly milky white. With a gray hue and a pink hue, it has a slightly transparent feel, such as water white jade, dry white jade, cream white jade, black and white jade and hibiscus jade.

Huang Dushan jade: It is uniform yellow green or olive yellow green, also known as orange jade.

Green Dushan jade: mainly green, emerald green. There are varieties of green jade, sapphire, sky blue jade, etc., the color is like jade, translucent to slightly transparent.

Variegated Dushan jade: There are two or more types of Dushan jade, such as Moyu, Cuibaiyu, Caihuayu, Wuhuayu, Zhongcaiyu, Zeyu, and Black Flower Jade.

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