HAZZYS Feng Chi - knit counter-attack, color in the red

Summer to autumn, the fashionista has begun to eager; dress to be comfortable? To light? Want fashion? NO, we have to! ! ! This early autumn haggis will take you into the aristocracy of england and work together to find the second wave of fashion this fall - a color sweater. HAZZYS Girls leisure is a way of life, fashion is a way of life, the classic is a pursuit of life, as the HAZZYS Girl, will require the integration of the three elements, even a single knit, but also wear a different gas field, show A "high street fashion" style. From Monday to Friday, there is always a mood that suits you. HAZZYS Boys If the "casual, fashion, classic" is the label of the HAZZYS Girl, then the "sunshine, vitality, fashion" should belong to the HAZZYS Boy's main label, this season we are more carefully prepared men's 9 knit single product, you can match Different shirts, allowing you to freely attend different occasions.

Knit Jackets, jacket but in knit fabric, so it is very soft and it has good stretch , comfortable wearing. The fabric can be light or heavy weight . Light fabric for spring/summer, and heavy fabric for winter, warm body.  The fabric composition can be polyester or cotton, or other fibers , some fabric also have special function like waterproof.We can offer our styles/designs or customer can offer their own product for us to copy.

Knit Bonded Zipper Jacket

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