Reeling male counter-ordinary jeans can also capture the goddess

In addition to suits, the men's wardrobe is the most common single product is estimated to be jeans, and we do not know whether it should be said that men lazy or that they work well with a pair of ordinary jeans can always be their different feelings of fashion Modeling, so that women are also willing to compromise. Reeling ladies who want to get the goddess's appreciation come in autumn and fashion the autumn fashion icon with jeans. Classic washed blue jeans are very common, but the choice of tight-fitting white vest and sleeved suit jacket to match, immediately showed a strong appeal, blue and white wave point jacket is very stylish and young, then knitted scarves embellishment, not for Warm, just to concave shape. Women are aware of the strong printing power, men naturally will not miss such an eye-catching element. Blue-and-white porcelain pattern baseball jacket has been very publicity, so take the T-shirt to black it, dark jeans will not rob the coat of the limelight, the overall shape relaxed. Photo Source: Hao Xin Kai Dejin men's new autumn

Knit Slim-Fitting Dress

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