Ivyhouse Ivy creates a spring garden with children's laughter

——ivyhouse ivy spring 2015 new product order

The high-end children's wear brand ivyhouse ivy children's clothing was held in Shanghai at the beginning of this month. This time, the theme of Spring Spring Garden is a blend of the essence of SWAROVSKI ELEMENT. This shows the spring vitality of spring and earth, flowers and butterflies and dancing butterflies and flowers!

Ivyhouse design director Giancarlo Mossi (Giancarlo Moses) said: “The theme of Spring Spring Garden continues from the autumn/winter 2014 winter movement. It also uses children's laughter and play to cleverly combine nature and playfulness. Fresh and elegant classics, campuses, outings and limited edition children's wear ."

Ivyhouse announced the "brand upgrade" before this year. Through this ordering event, it attracted hundreds of franchisees and agents from all over the country to gather together. In addition to displaying the new products, trends and development status of the industry in the spring and summer of 2015, the company also made its debut. To all the supporters face to face to explain the essence of brand upgrade: The children's wear brand created in 1986 -ivyhouse, has been full of vitality.

Ye Qixian, the chairman of ivyhouse, shared the trends in the industry market for pregnant women and children in China in the past four years. In the past three years, the first element that agencies and retailers valued when choosing a brand name was “product quality”, followed by “after-sales service”. However, as the industry has grown to maturity, the “business philosophy” of brand owners has emerged as the fifth factor that agents and retailers value. This phenomenon just echoes the intention of ivyhouse to promote brand upgrades!

Shi Jingxu, executive deputy general manager of ivyhouse, said that the brand upgrade is a kind of transposition thinking, changing from “What can I give you?” to “What do you need me to do for you?”. In the past, ivyhouse emphasized that “giving children the best” and continuing to satisfy the enjoyment of the material. Now it is “to discover the goodness of children together”. Encourage parents to lead children to discover their uniqueness and develop independent thinking skills.

Like the core spirit of ivyhouse brand - uniqueness, respect, self-confidence, and excellence, it is believed that every child who wears ivyhouse's children's clothing is unique, learns to respect others and themselves, is full of confidence and creativity, and at the same time, it is full of ideals and ambitions for the future and becomes warm. People.

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