BELLOSZ Women fall models: retro pullover with a dress how to wear a retro trench coat how to wear

In the early autumn how to wear a retro flavor? Now with Xiaobian into BELLOSZ women fall models to feel some of the retro charm.

BELLOSZ女装秋款:复古套头衫搭配裙装怎么样  复古风衣该怎么穿

In the BELLOSZ women's wear, we can see more retro-style dresses or windbreaker. No matter which one, can make you have a good sense of fashion. In this season, the oil painting is still inspired by the designer's design, the body is characterized by a vivid character portraits, clever color to meet the retro aesthetic fashion. Retro with a long skirt, it is easy to interpret the most vivid retro art.

BELLOSZ女装秋款:复古套头衫搭配裙装怎么样  复古风衣该怎么穿

Retro trend After round of rounds, designers use the details of casual style capture, and then transformed into apparel design, structural sense of the three-dimensional design to make modeling more aura. Paired with the rate of shirts, trousers to increase the sense of neat, or minimalist dress with fold, the gas field is still not diminished.

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