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Cedar meters brand pants to join franchisee free franchise fee free technical guidance. Cedar Clothing Co., Ltd. Was established in 2002, is a comprehensive apparel manufacturer, design, development, production and sales in one of the apparel companies. Its brand fir rice (samee), fir one.

Family-owned enterprises: Hong Kong crossing Sen Clothing Co., Ltd (image ambassador Donnie Yen) Zhengzhou Borgon Dayton Garments Co., Ltd. (men's trousers professional production line) Zhengzhou fir Mi Garments Co., Ltd. (pants professional production line) Cedar Garment Co., Ltd. since its inception Production, with the domestic first-class fashion design, 打板 division, fashion, personality, type, quality assurance, has been relying on excellent quality and good service system for the national customer service, we have 20 provincial-level agents Business, 175 wholesalers and retailers, the company has a strong day in the market by the impact of e-commerce, Zhengzhou E-Commerce invites the company to participate in e-commerce seminars, "Cedar" Zhengzhou pantyhose key support units, companies in the In July 2012, the Board of Directors decided to establish the Ministry of E-commerce and sent Mr. Zhao to the e-commerce market in Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Beijing. He decided to enter the e-commerce market with the panty as the starting point. According to the half-year market test and study , The company has a clear goal and positioning, the company CEO said: "E-commerce efforts in 2013 Greater than investment entity, regardless of funding from both the supply and the full support of the Central Plains to fight cedar meters pants first e-commerce brand. "

E-commerce is the biggest misunderstanding is not up and down in the same parallel line, the generation gap between the generation of communication, supply of funds is not guaranteed, in Sugimusu and Zhengzhou E-commerce Association with the strong support of Cedar in the electricity market will be a new miracle , The company has a distribution mall, a C shop, work together to create the Central Plains e-commerce pants brand.

Cunninghami women's pants beauty to create Central Plains e-commerce pants walking miracles

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