"At a glance" Women's 2014 spring new conference is about to open

July 13, Hangzhou at a glance Garments Co., Ltd. and its women's brand "at a glance," held a 2014 spring new conference, the address is located in Hangzhou, Hangzhou, Yuhang District, Jiubao Chaoyang Industrial Park, Chaoyang North Park Road No. 11 Building 1, 2nd Floor, will be staged a highly elegant female-style stage drama. "At a glance" will invite the broad masses of old and new customers, distributors and agents come to watch, guide, together forecast the trend of 2014. "At a glance" look forward to your visit.



"At a glance" brand women's design style highlights the feminine fashion, fresh and elegant, aimed at young women between the ages of 20-35, they are energetic, tasteful, intellectual beauty of women, they In the definition of self-image will invest a lot of thoughts and ideas, the pursuit of fashion, self-confidence and calm urban white-collar workers, fashionistas. "At a glance" Jiang Yong concise and elegant way to portray women's perfectly smooth lines, with a free, rich mix to show you a multi-faceted.

The JMY women's stainless steel bangles collection is made of high quailty 316L stainless steel.The stainless steel products usually have four colors, gold, rose gold, silver and black. We use PVD plated technology. It is really wonderful design. Our company has many kinds of bangles, tools series, skull series, speedometer series etc. You also can put your own logo on the products if you like, we can use the technology of laser and engraved. JMY collection represents serve you the best products you want.

Women's Stainless Steel Bangle

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