2013 summer light soft color happy and sweet woman

Leading Word: Invisible colors, with soft and smooth fabrics, make women look light and gentle, like a beautiful flower, pure and natural. In the spring and summer 2013, the T stage showed us a lot of soft color series suitable for wearing in this season. It is not pink, artificial or dazzling. Just like the beautiful Kate Princess, the soft color series is exclusive to women.

Speaking of a happy and sweet woman, who did you think of first? Is it yourself? Congratulations. The first thing I can think of is Kate, the British prince who has made the world's first-line brand masters rush to design their maternity clothes. This beautiful woman who can indulge in Cinderella's fairy tales can become a detonation no matter what she wears. The fashion ICON, in the end, is to make people envy to stop it from becoming even more beautiful. Even if it is a potbellied princess, it will make us full of surprises, light blue high-waist umbrella skirt, soft peach coat, full of vitality mint Green, it's all beautiful.

2013夏季轻盈柔彩 幸福又甜蜜的女人(图1)

Princess Kate wearing Emilia Wickstead pale blue high-waist umbrella skirt, in addition to allowing people to feel her consistent affinity, but also eagerly made people feel her heart from the happiness and joy.

2013夏季轻盈柔彩 幸福又甜蜜的女人(图2)

Princess Kate was wearing a Mulberry Mint Green Coat and attended the event at Windsor Castle. The simple silhouette and vibrant colors made people almost ignore the uplifted belly. The puffy-looking Princess Wang also exudes tenderness. The motherhood charm.

2013夏季轻盈柔彩 幸福又甜蜜的女人(图3)

At Buckingham Palace in London, UK, Princess Kate wore Emilia Wickstead in a large garden belly party hosted by the British Queen. She heard that her stomach was seven months old, but her bright yellow loose skirt made her look very it is good.

2013夏季轻盈柔彩 幸福又甜蜜的女人(图4)

While visiting the Naomi House Children's Hospital in southern London, Kate wore a nude pink dress custom-made by her personal designer, plus a peach-colored jacket from France's Tara Jarmon. The overall color palette made her look warm and amicable.

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