Silver jewelry benefits

1. Legend has it that wearing silver ornaments can ward off evil spirits. Because silver is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, there has been a custom of letting children wear silver ornaments since ancient times, which is beneficial to the elimination of "fetal poison" and the role of warding off evil.

2. Silver products can generate magnetic fields within a certain range, release a large amount of silver ions, stimulate energy, and have health care effects on the human body.

3. Silver has a bactericidal function, so it is best to wear silver earrings when piercing ears, and use silver bowls to hold water to ensure that the water does not deteriorate. For example, skin ulcers can also be coated with silver ion solution to make ulcers. death. Silver ions have a strong bactericidal effect and are very beneficial to the human body. It not only has economic value, but also beautiful appearance. The ancients said that wearing silver is rich and healthy, not only because of its precious metals, but also because it is more effective than humans in terms of human health.

4. Silver can be used to detect whether food is toxic, because silver reacts with many toxins, making silver black and easy to identify with the naked eye.

5. Silver has excellent antibiotics and sterilization effects. The average antibiotic can only affect six kinds of bacteria, but silver can eliminate 650 kinds of bacteria.

The Waterproof and Oil Repellent Fabric is also called [breathable fabric". It is a functional fabric that combines oil-proof, waterproof, moisture-permeable and warm-keeping properties after PU coating or film coating. It can resist the invasion of rain and stains. The body's hot air and sweat can be discharged in time to keep the body dry, warm and comfortable.
   The Waterproof and oil Repellent Fabric produced by Xinke Protective has excellent waterproof and moisture permeability. The products have been tested by the authoritative testing institutions SGS and ITS. The water pressure resistance can reach 10000 MM or above and the moisture permeability can reach 8000g/m2 for 24 hours.
Of course, you can also combine anti-static fabric and flame retardant fabrics or insect repellent fabric to combine their functions to choose the right multi-functional fabric.

Water Oil Repellent Fabric

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