When children's wear meets football - Ding Dong cat children's clothing signed Guangqing football club

Sponsored by the Football Association of Shantou, Ding Dong cat children into the main name Guang Qing Football Club signing ceremony and press conference, afternoon today (July 1) held in Guangdong Lamborghysll Children's Products Co., Ltd. headquarters. Yao Dehong, chairman of Shantou Football Association, Cao Wenyuan, secretary-general of Shantou Football Association, and Chen Yiqun, representative of Phoenix Weekly, attended the ceremony. Mickey Oswald, Wang Ri, executive vice president of Shanghai Ding Dong Cat Children Products Co., Ltd. and Xie Wei Hua, protocol. On behalf of the Shantou Football Association, President Yao Dehong congratulated the signing ceremony of the Dingdong Cat Children 's Garments Grand Football Club and thanked them for supporting the development of Chinese football at the crucial moment when the Chinese football is in a downturn. At the same time, it is expected that the new club will make further progress under the brand operation of the Ding Dong cat team and play an active role in the spread and promotion of football. In his speech, Wang Ri and Deputy Chief Representative Miao Keao International Group said that the Mikaway Group, which has always been paying attention to the development of Chinese sports, especially football, is one of the leading children's clothing brand operators in China and has successfully sponsored the sponsorship of Chinese women's football teams from north to south Star match and other large football matches. At present, China's football development is in a downturn. Microtech International Group is obligated to fulfill its social responsibilities for the development of China's football and Guangdong football so as to contribute more to the healthy development of China's football market and to build a solid foundation for Guangdong fans. Has been a vibrant, promising young football team, looking forward to the provincial team and even the national team to train and provide excellent football talent, to ascend a new level of Chinese football contribute to the force. Believe that the cooperation between Guangqing Football Club and Ding Dong Cat will bring a new force to the depressed market. Xie Weihua said on behalf of the Ding Dong Cat Children's clothing brand, children's clothing is a flagship of Chinas children's clothing industry, as China's top ten children's clothing brand, not only have the clinking cat brand in the domestic market is very influential brand of children's clothing, but also has a wealth of events and brands Operating experience, is also an advertising partner CCTV.COM, but also brand and competition "win-win philosophy" firm practitioner. At present, at a crucial moment when domestic football is in a downturn, as a banner brand of domestic children's clothing, Ding Dong Cat Children's Wear should do its utmost to fulfill the corporate social responsibility and brand responsibility, actively return the society and fully support the development of social welfare undertakings and sports undertakings. Guangdong football to regroup, make a meager effort to promote the development of football in Guangdong. I believe through their in-depth cooperation and unremitting efforts, Jingle cat Guangqing football team will certainly be able to achieve substantial improvement and development, through excellent performance so that more and more people are concerned about, love football, and into the sport Come, jingle Cat Guangqing football team will be as early as the powerful Chinese football, boarded the world stage, do everything possible.

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