[Yu • Brand] Yongqing wig - how the brand is trained

Yongqing Wig is the independent brand of Shanghai Yuyuan Mall Department Store Co., Ltd., which has been highly concerned by various circles for many years. It has successively won the titles of China's old brands, Shanghai famous trademarks, and Shanghai intangible cultural heritage. The origin of the brand can be traced back to the thirty-fourth year of Guangxu (1908).

Continuously improve the service brand connotation

Yongqing wig (shop) implements the “three first, three no, three delivery, three gang” service features while implementing customized, sample, plastic, sales, mailing one-stop service, to sell with belts, with maintenance, with accessories With convenient cleaning services such as cleaning, we will continue to adhere to the "wigs and true feelings" service brand, which is based on the products of the United States, with the beauty of the heart as the core of service, and the beauty of the art as the service key. On the basis of establishing a high-quality brand image, “Yongqing” further improved the service quality, perfected the “Four Good” service brand, and innovated the “Three Dedications” service method of dedication, dedication and dedication. More suitable for the new, aesthetic, and respectful consumption motivation and individualized consumption.

Actively promote breakthroughs in operational technology

The employees of Evergreen Wig are deeply aware that the reform and innovation of technology is to broaden the brand and meet the needs of the market. To this end, they use the market concept as a guide to create a leading edge, and strive to find a technological breakthrough, the introduction of ion hot, ceramic hot, positioning hot multi-color oyster sauce, part of oyster sauce and other advanced techniques into the wig, the traditional scissors New improvements have been made in blowing and ironing. At the same time, breaking the original framework of designing hairstyles according to customers' body, face, occupation and customs, achieving the "three-in-one" realm of combining wig combing skills with customer apparel, combining with customer personality and fashion trends, making wigs It has become a special product that advocates “beauty enjoyment” and provides a new way of life.

Brand promotion, new fashion concept

Yongqing wig can be described as a great effort in the promotion of the brand. Signed a young actor Wang Weiwei as the brand spokesperson of Yongqing wig, making a leaflet for the Evergreen wig brochure. Every year, Evergreen wigs regularly hold brand promotion conferences to promote wig VIP membership cards, and have been enthusiastically sought after by customers. The production technique of Yongqing wig also participated in the intangible cultural heritage exhibition held by the mall. In the exhibition, Yongqing wig also caused the major media to participate in the competition. The Yongqing wig in the Shanghai China Time-honored Expo is also a frequent visitor, and shows the vitality of the old brand with a new and beautiful image, which has attracted many customers.

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