Ceramic Art of Contemporary Art

“I was born in Jingdezhen ceramics family. I remember that when I had an hour to eat, I used the kiln bowl.” Ceramic artist Luo Yinggui entered the pottery factory at the age of seventeen. Before this, the family's influence has long made her fall in love with ancient times. And beautiful ceramic art. But what she is currently seeking is to transcend tradition through innovation and develop contemporary ceramic art. She said: “Jingdezhen’s ceramics needs a long transition from the process to the arts. Only by leveraging contemporary art with an international language and “grafting art” can we accelerate this process. As long as we have art and ideas The height of the painting, whether it is an oil painter or a painter, can completely realize its own artistic ideas on ceramics."

Luo Yinggui's "Human Porcelain Paintings" has long been devoted to the innovation of porcelain plate painting creation and created a "less walled college". The artists she signed are also of different styles.

The overlapping human figures in Liu Zheng’s works reflect the possibility that the porcelain plate paintings exhibit the art form of sculpture. "I always think I'm struggling on a network. This network is made up of a complex history and culture. On the one hand, I need to rely on this network so that I won't be suspended in the air. On the other hand, I need to get rid of this network. To reduce the pain of being bound and to be suffocated." This is his concept of contemporary artistic creation. His underglaze colored porcelain series works with novel ideas and careful logical thinking. Through the lines of vitality, the philosophical space of porcelain paintings was publicized.

Zhao Mengge drew inspiration from the elegant figure of the Tang Dynasty and rendered it with western oil painting techniques to create a blue-and-white abstract human body. With the background of “my spiritual self-portrait” as her background, she entered the creation of contemporary porcelain plate paintings and successfully created the theme of desire for female emotion “no time” in Chinese traditional culture. Her works not only show deep understanding of love and desire from inside, but also outline the inherent melody of women through skilled plump lines. In the vast world, there is infinitely colorful space, but it is always the only one that is limited to each one's own. Sometimes, for such a limited point, people need to pay for a lifetime. Zhao Mengge's ceramic painting feminine theme can make people full of expectation and be in an eternal intertwined feeling.

Martin's works draw on the western color language and the freehand brushwork of Chinese traditional paintings, presenting a unique color tone and charm, conveying an elegant and rustic oriental implication. Artificial control and natural skills make the ceramic color glaze painting art infinite possibilities. He believes that in order to think about tradition, it must abandon the conceptual shackles of the model and turn to innovation in experience. He studied painting with high-temperature color glazes, retaining the natural and vitality of ceramic materials, and forming a natural, true-to-life oil painting experiment method for ceramic paintings.

“In the beginning, people who were accustomed to traditional porcelain didn’t understand me and couldn’t understand my favorite porcelain painting. But now the situation is different.” In these years, the artistic framework of contemporary ceramic painting proposed by Luo Yinggui was obtained in the industry. People widely agree that many artists from the Ceramic Institute and the Academy of Fine Arts have joined the cooperation with her. In the past ten years, Luo Yinggui has collaborated with nearly a hundred artists from home and abroad to create more than one thousand contemporary porcelain paintings. Although she has invested a lot of energy and effort, Luo Yinggui does not feel tired. She said: "In the past, I often thought that as the contemporary Jingdezhen people who love ceramics, what should we do for ceramics? What should we leave for the future? Today, contemporary porcelain painting answers this question for me."

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