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A proper nap is very beneficial for eliminating fatigue and improving work efficiency. The brand home textile Baojiao home textile sleep consultant reminds you to take a certain method when you take a nap. Unscientific nap can not only achieve the purpose of rest, but even have a negative impact on the body. Keywords: Baochao Baojiao Home Textiles Right now is the hot summer, proper nap is very beneficial to eliminate fatigue and improve work efficiency. The brand home textile Baojiao home textile sleep consultant reminds you to take a certain method in the nap. Unscientific nap can not only achieve the purpose of rest, but even have a negative impact on the body, and sometimes it can be said that it is better not to sleep.

Nap time should not be long

How long is it good to take a nap? According to the results of medical scientists, it is best to take 1 hour nap. If a normal person sleeps for 80-100 minutes, he will switch from shallow sleep to deep sleep. At this time, the inhibition process of the central nervous system is deepened, the blood volume of the brain is relatively reduced, and the metabolic process in the body gradually slows down. If you wake up at this time, you will feel uncomfortable and tired, your head will be dizzy, and your body will not listen. This is because the cerebral cortex has not yet been released from the inhibition state, and the brain has a temporary lack of blood supply and autonomic nervous disorder. The state of discomfort is as short as ten minutes and can only disappear after several hours.

Should not sit for a nap

At the noon break, it is often inappropriate to sit in a chair and sleep. Because when a person is asleep, the heart rate slows down, the blood vessels expand, and the blood flowing through each organ will also decrease. Especially after lunch, more blood has to enter the gastrointestinal system, plus sitting posture, will be more serious "brain anemia", leading to headache, tinnitus, soft legs, blurred vision, pale, etc., it takes a while to gradually recover normal. In addition, the nap table will also press the chest, affecting the breathing, easy to be a nightmare; the head's pressure on the blood circulation and nerves will cause tingling in the arms and hands; at the same time, the table will make the eye oppressed, making people When you wake up, you may feel blurred, and even damage your eyes for a long time.

In order to overcome this phenomenon, if the time is long during the lunch break, the condition should be taken to take a rest in the supine position to ensure that enough blood flows into the brain tissue. Rest well, to ensure that you are energetic after waking up.

Should not raise your arms and take a nap

There are many people who save time when they are nap, do not need a pillow, but like to put their heads on their heads, or raise their arms on both sides of the head, which is also harmful to health. Clinical trials have shown that when arms are raised, the diaphragm is displaced due to the pulling of the muscles, and the abdominal pressure is increased. This is especially true for those who sleep and eat too much, the elderly, and women in late pregnancy. Long-term high-handed over-head sleep can cause irritation to the “backflow prevention mechanism”. Once the function of this mechanism is weakened or destroyed, it will cause food and digestive juice to flow back into the esophagus, causing the mucosal congestion, edema, erosion, Ulcer, causing reflux esophagitis. In addition, sleeping with high arms, the front and back muscles of the intercostal muscles, diaphragm, abdominal muscles and thoracic muscles can not naturally pull back and relax, affecting the natural breathing of the lungs, which can cause chest tightness and fatigue. Therefore, nap should not raise your arms.

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