Meilun Huan brand women's taste of communication reflects the culture

Hangzhou Meilun Huan Huan Garment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, is a collection of apparel design, production and sales in one of the advanced management concepts of professional clothing enterprises. Owns a "beautiful" women's brand , with its natural, simple, stylish, casual style, to modern urban women's life has brought a natural and relaxed enjoyment. Since the establishment of the company, "beautiful" people adhering to the "design change life, science and create the future" business philosophy, adhere to the "people-oriented, dedicated loyalty, pragmatic and low-key, unity and hard work," the outstanding corporate culture, with strong business Cohesion and combat effectiveness, and constantly open up the struggle.


Beautiful woman ten years urban interpretation of fashion

美仑美奂品牌女装 传播品味体现文化

Beautiful woman ten years urban interpretation of fashion

At present, the company has about 500 employees, under the design center, marketing, product manufacturing, financial management center, logistics control center, corporate strategy department six departments, and in Zhengzhou, Fuzhou and other offices. At the same time, in some developed provinces and cities already have more than 50 stores, Hangzhou, as the mainstream of the mainstream brand of women is increasingly apparent.

Brand style: "beautiful" Women pay attention to original, emphasize personality, promote quality, spread taste, embody culture. With its simple nature, fresh and elegant, introverted taste of the atmosphere calcined to create a unique design style. Reflect the quality of clothing at the same time, also committed to the cultural out of clothing precipitation. Brand positioning: "no taste, there is no fashion" to become "fantastic" women's interpretation of the fashion. The target population: 25-40-year-old mood, taste, culture, independent awareness of urban knowledge women.

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