SEE SHINE womens clothing to release youthful vitality

SEE SHINE clothing pursuit of true personality, free to fly the mood. SEE SHINE clothing designed for the desire to walk in the trend of cutting-edge, the pursuit of free life, release the vitality of women. Embodies the independent, dynamic, new trend and street style. As popular, so that the trendy tribe stand out. SEE SHINE clothing is still showing a multi-level wild taste. Gorgeous rich creative color, with simple, changeable, easy to take clothing language and gorgeous colors soften the young family full of spirituality, vitality, passion of life.


"SEE SHINE" founder Katrinna, the early 1920s, was born in Manarola, the Italian Riviera, a noble family, the father of the Marquis, the uncle for the palace's top cut, Katrinna childhood favorite classical art , Especially painting. Uncle Katrina, often with Katrina, is often haunted by uncle Katrina and under the influence of his uncle, Katrinna has a strong interest in cutting and often draws a little bit of fashion and sews clothes, designed by the age of 15 Has been famous in the palace ...
In the 30s and 40s, World War II broke out, Katrinna young handsome boyfriend Quentine played, unfortunately killed, Katrinna distraught, lost loved ones Katrinna lost their confidence in life.

For months, rain and rain have caused Katrinna to feel saddened. Katrinna stiffened standing by the sea, dripping her weak body, the sea breeze blowing her disheveled hair, and suddenly the weather was sunny and the sun shone on the sea. At this moment Katrinna seemed to be inspired by the late boyfriend: she should cheer up, Katrinna, who deserved to be well-deserved for months, was so suddenly overwhelmed ...

SEE SHINE女装  释放青春活力

At this point Katrinna began to follow her uncle custom clothing, her life has found hope again, she put her boyfriend's thoughts and love of that period of painstakingly Mingpin all placed on the clothing above. In 1945, with her parents' support, Katrinna opened the first apparel and clothing store in the Riviera and named it SEE SHINE to show her miss for her boyfriend and the rebirth of her life. With her familiarity Hand sewing skills and art skills and simple intellectual style, just a year, Katrinna's clothing store business began to rise steadily, she opened in 1947, the second fashion store, this time the name of the store "SEE SHINE" to Its brand name, then high-end women's brand "SEE SHINE" was born.
Katrinna, an early age elite, likes wine very much. She thinks: "Red wine is like a woman, trying hard to taste. The same good design works like aged red wine.

SEE SHINE女装  释放青春活力

Confident independent, wise introverted personality, the achievements of her unique taste. Intellectual, elegant, simple atmosphere, all the way from Milan to Rome, Paris, New York, Tokyo.Fine line and distinctive detail processing, soft colors and unique Italian, French and other European fabrics, interpretation of seeshine simplicity, intellectual , Elegant and unique personality, in the neoclassical romantic release of low-key luxury, close to the fashion, but not drift, elegant and natural show, continue to weave a woman's dream. The pursuit of independence, comfort, quality perfect way of life, continue to interpret the modern urban women's elegance and subtle, stylish and simple, intellectual and sexy perfect temperament

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