Baby Mary BABY MARY Changsha Yue Fang store on August 19, 2014 grand opening

Baby Mary BABY MARY Changsha Yue Fang store on August 19, 2014 grand opening. Baby Mary BABY MARY brand is mainly targeted at mature women aged 25 - 48, to provide Europe, Japan, South Korea and other women's fashion , so that their audience has always been more stylish living space. The new store has opened, like the baby Mary BABY MARY ladies MM, now you can go to buy, Shop Address: Tianzhu District, Changsha, Hunan slope Street No. 216 Yuefang ID MALL L207

宝贝玛丽 - BABY MARY

Modern era, the fashion image of the sand and drizzle, retro, avant-garde, dazzling, simple atmosphere, reveal the soul of each brand image. The new image of BABY MARY II is based on the simplicity and avant-garde decoration of Paris, which is the design element of space. In addition, Mr. JUGE, the image master, fully integrated and designed, thus having a new wave of BABY MARY's invasion. The new visual effect is about to leave the fashion for the blue sky, what kind of stay, so stay tuned ...

宝贝玛丽BABY MARY长沙悦方新店于2014年8月19日隆重开业 宝贝玛丽BABY MARY长沙悦方新店于2014年8月19日隆重开业

BABYMARY as Fast Fashion brand, always follow the latest fashion elements update our new products, so you can not feel the first time to the latest international trend, but also dress up a different beautiful every day you. BABY MARY's family look forward to every fashion, know how beauty you join!


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