Cut Phobia - Tribute to Paranoia, Healing Ritual

In CutPhobia's early spring 2015 design, we saw HALISHA's strong attitude: You can be embarrassed or you can remain silent, but please do not deliberately follow the example and lose your passion and vitality. In the (awakening) series, the design language is reflected in the shapes and fab

How to choose tourmaline

Tourmaline belongs to precious jewellery. Many merchants will take the opportunity to sell fake goods. It is difficult for people who don't know it to distinguish, so be careful when buying. How to choose tourmaline? Picking a tourmaline should pay attention to the fol

JOY SNOWBOUND autumn and winter new fashion make the tide

Full of personality and energy patterns, highly advocated elements in the clothing of free embellishment, lace, wave point, fluorescent ... ... swept over, sounds may seem a bit confusing, but JOY SNOWBOUND but they can easily shape into a Fashion make the tide, casual out of Style has attracted m

Qing Dynasty jade features

After the entry of the Qing Dynasty, the Emperor Kangxi of Shunzhi made great efforts to clear up the rebellion and develop production. Emperor Yongzheng rectified the rule of law and prospered the economy, and there was a "Kanggan flourishing world." During Kang

Those who bought Hetian jade

Rubbing, rubbing... A young woman with a slightly fat body flattened a piece of Hetian Baiyu Guanyin pendant in the left hand, and used the mobile phone to take pictures at multiple angles. After the filming, put the jade pieces back on the booth, and rushed to the boss an

The origin of "golden jade"

Putting up the "golden jade", people often have the feeling of bright eyes. Jin and jade are the "one-sided masters" of the jewelry industry. The combination of the two is a strong combination, making people feel rich and auspicious. In 2008, “Gol