How to restore whitened gold jewelry

The phenomenon of whitening of gold jewelry is mostly seen in those women who love beauty, and rarely appear in men! Is this the situation of the horse?

Gold jewelry

Why gold jewelry will turn white. This is because the whitening of gold jewellery is related to the concentration of Hg in the environment - gold jewelry touches Hg-containing substances and reacts with it to produce white gold-mercury compounds. It exists mainly in our lives in the form of liquid and gaseous. (Chemical principle: gold amalgam has better wetting ability to Au than many metals, because Hg can selectively wet Au and diffuse into it, and can enrich the trace amount of Hg in the air. With the increase of temperature, Hg direction The deep part of Au gradually diffuses to form Au2Hg until it finally forms Au3Hg solid, ie gold amalgam, which is non-toxic.)

There are several possibilities for whitening gold jewelry: 1. There is mercury in the environment. 2, gold jewelry encountered mercury. 3. Cosmetics contain mercury.

The first two are accidental, the probability is not big, but the third case is very common. Therefore, you will find that the most white phenomenon of gold jewelry appears on those ladies who love beauty, and rarely appears in men. Most women use cosmetics that contain whitening mercury. Gold jewelry absorbs trace amounts of mercury. Over time, gold jewelry appears white.

It is recommended to find a local gold store to deal with such a situation. Take the white gold jewelry to the local gold shop and heat it with a professional musket. Because the melting point of mercury is very low, in the heat treatment, the mercury will immediately evaporate, so that the gold jewelry will restore its original appearance.

Note: 1. Never use a lighter to burn; 2. After processing, it does not affect the original color of the goldsmith.


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