Women who have preferred pearls since ancient times

The old saying goes: "Ghost love III, love three life, all of them are love in the heart; gently day and night, soft touch dusk, the grain is the edge of the dream", the pearl has a beautiful sentiment.

We call the pearl "the queen of jewels." Ming Jie is round and round, like the bright moon of the night sky falls into the dust; it has a charm, bows and looks, and the neck shines. The unique elegance, bright and not dazzling light bring the mysterious temptation and the beautiful fantasy of the lover.

Since ancient times, women’s preference for it has never diminished. Look at them and you will know.

Cleopatra VII

She often puts a pile of pearls on her hands, caressing and admiring for a long time. Almost every day, she drinks the wine with pearl powder, mixes with pearl powder and milk, applies the whole body every night, and washes the pearl milk bath.

Napoleon I’s second wife, Mary Louis

The female regent, the pearl, is the fifth largest pearl ever discovered in the world. It was originally set in the crown of France and was once a gift from Napoleon I to the second wife, Mary Louis. Oval, weighing 84.25 carats or 16.85 grams, was sold in 1887. "Female Regent" once belonged to a large pearl of the French royal family. This pearl worth between $500,000 and $800,000 will be with the diamond crown. It was auctioned in Geneva in November this year.

Gabriel Chanel

The use of pearls by Ms. Chanel is definitely a major turning point in the history of pearls, which has transformed pearls from noble jewels in the traditional sense to fashion accessories that show the individuality.

Princess Sissi

The introverted and noble of the pearls makes Princess Sissi choose pearls as the main jewel in most public places. Pearls are easy to match with dresses and formal dresses. Aristocrats are not easy to pick out faults; pearls are not like diamonds, they will shine brightly and stimulate the Queen Mother Sophie; pearls are elegant and noble, and will not let other people pick and choose for her origins.

Jacqueline Kennedy

Simple, comfortable clothing with long or short pearl necklaces; short hair fluffy and sleek, revealing pearl earrings, this is the common Jacqueline classic costume.

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