What are the classifications of colored sapphires?

In addition to the beautiful blue, sapphire has a huge branch - the color sapphire (FancyColoredSapphire). All corundum gems except red and blue are called FancyColored Sapphire. Because the colors are too rich, people have entered the world of dreamy fairy tales. Therefore, Hong Kong people love to call them illusion sapphires.

Colored sapphire

What are the classifications of colored sapphires:

Pink Sapphire: One of the fastest-growing gemstones in recent years, consumers in Japan and the United States have expressed great enthusiasm for it. The color of the pink sapphire is lighter than that of the ruby, and the color saturation is not very high. It is a delicate and fresh pink, but it is not very rich. In the FancyColored Sapphire family, its price is second only to Padparadscha, and the quality is tens of thousands per carat, but if the color is marked with brown or gray, the value will be greatly reduced.

Orange Sapphire: It looks very beautiful too, and it is very popular if it is bright orange and slightly reddish. Its beauty is not inferior to that of Padparadscha, but because the output is more than Parpardscha, the price is not as expensive as the former, but the price is much higher than the green and purple sapphire.

Purple, green, and yellow sapphires are not too expensive if they are rich in color. When the color of green sapphire and emerald are green, the price will be very high. But these three colors of sapphire often have a gray, brown tone, which reduces the beauty and value of the gem.

In fact, any color of sapphire (FancyColoredSapphire) as long as the color is bright and rare, it is inevitable that people are loved, and the value is high and natural. These sapphires, which have the dreamlike colors of fireworks, are less popular than red and sapphires, but more and more people have begun to join the ranks that love and collect them.

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