Horse action immediately without quarter to join the franchisee to send benefits

"Firecracker sound a year apart, the spring breezes into the Tu Su", the value of this Year of the Horse on the occasion of the arrival of the Spring Festival, love season without any season to the franchisee and users to extend my most sincere New Year greetings! In the good fortune of Ruixue Mega Fortune, in 2013, 26% of the nearly 400 franchisees performed more than 1 million! Outstanding in the apparel industry. 2014, for love without season is a steady development of this year, love this season will steadily promote the national "thousands of thousands of shops" business plan, but also will further consolidate and upgrade the management level of love without quarter chain stores! For the Chinese New Year to join the "love no season • Famous Specials Pavilion" and "love season without • boutiques" project entrepreneur, love no season to franchisee to give more concessions and support.


Love no season surprise triple gift, grab to earn

1, in February 2014 before the full month 5 and love no quarter to enter into the distribution cooperation contract franchisee, can enjoy the company's support 1,000 yuan clothing venture fund, only the top 5, the quota is limited, the details can be telephone consultation.

2, in February 2014 the whole month and love no quarter to establish cooperation contract franchisee, can be reimbursed to the company to study the travel accommodation expenses, free Wu Da, East Lake day tour!

3, the value of 3,000 yuan special shop spree, racks, hangers, and even clothing spree in February limited time turns donated. Shop fly, immediately make money!

Gold service constantly file, first open the first to make money

No season quarter staff currently across the board arrived from warehousing operations center to the information control center to love the season without the 314 national stores, in the New Year's aftertaste children, all love no season to a more dedicated service and high spirits Work status, ready to welcome the opening of each new store in 2014! Xinhua Road, reporters came to love quarter without investment department, the consultant phone call continuously, the business manager also received the first such as this year's visit franchisee. Expansion of the tribal units before the inspection site all the reports turned over to the summary, while the design department sorted out the 2014 joint venture shop design drawings, the marketing department to supervise the company today to gather together to explain the guidance of 2014 under the guidance of the shop and distribution February oversee the national shop shop arrangements. Ministry of Information monitoring love season without ERP software feedback real-time data and feedback to the various responsible for the supervision of the store ...

Reporter for a 6-hour follow-up interview, reflecting the enthusiasm and full enthusiasm of all members in love with no opening season in 2014!

Join protection upgrade, not sell the goods back to the company

2014 new year, love no season project to join the protection to the store, the cooperation partners are not good to sell goods returned to the company to solve the new policy. Love no season guarantee In the organization of goods delivered to the franchisee products, more than 85% is love no quarter recommended shop best sellers clothing, franchise stores absolutely reduce the loss rate and return rate. Reduce the majority of franchisee clothing business worries.

At the same time, love no season also increased the malicious damage to the company's products, unreasonable requirements of the return of the franchisee's evidence and punishment. Love season without leaving the whole test, the responsibility to the system, in every step of the circulation of goods Love no season data and pictures of empirical support, each goods out of the library have apparel industry-certified public notary to prove product quality. Guarantee the interests of both companies and franchisees!

Love no season, 2014 immediately departure, a new look, confident departure! Clothing business, looking for love no season stable development!

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