Use PUMA R698 to teach you how to match the retro running shoes

Ben Wang July 23, retro running shoes still popular this summer, not only is the comfortable feeling is very suitable for everyday wear, a dazzling array of styles and its retro sense more to meet the current trend. This time with PUMA classic retro running shoes R698 as the main character, talk about the mix of retro running shoes. The PUMA R698 Weekly Look is presented below for everyone. As the flagship of this season, R698 shoes are highly anticipated for its combination of vintage and trend. The shoes that have been launched include R698 Splatter, R698 Blocked, and R698 Mesh-Neoprene, which perfectly represent the extraordinary creativity of PUMA inheriting vintage and classics. idea.

This summer new R698

The two R698 Blocked main pushers in this season inherit the sports technology and at the same time have a eye-catching appearance: the shades of blue are unique and the gradient details of the heel are used to light street colors;

Another R698 Mesh-Neoprene has excellent details. The upper is made of mesh and neoprene splices for a simple and fresh visual experience.

Collocation Guide for Retro Running Shoes

The features of the retro running shoes are easy to wear. This is also reflected in the R698 shoes launched this time. The same match is also the focus of this issue. Let us analyze how to deal with the trend of the current trend of running shoes.

R698 + The Most Popular Jogger Pants

Jogging pants are the most popular pants this year. The pinch-out design reveals the entire shoe body and is favored by many Sneakers. Today's Jogger Pants is no longer simply a simple jogging trousers, but also adds a street-like quality such as tooling elements. If there is no bright spot with retro jogging shoes + Jogger Pants, there is absolutely nothing wrong.

R698 + The most comfortable Loose Fit

The relaxed and comfortable Chino in the summer should be the first choice for many boys. It can be said that it is a versatile single product. But this summer there is a new way of matching when wearing loose pants. That is to show the ankle, so that you can visually make your body look more slender. One method is commonly used Roll Up, like this:

The second is to tighten the trousers and lift the pants upwards. This is the top view. If you are not sure how to do this, you can refer to Kanye West's outfits.

R698 + Fashion Trend

The design of the trousers also allows you to show off your love shoes. Although the Slim cropped jeans are not easy for anyone to control, you have to say that this kind of collocation is really a good photo shoot! Of course, shorts are also summer In the classic with a single product, you can try to roll up their shorts trousers, knee-length shorts are very popular this summer, more retro taste.

R698 LookBook

After talking about the matching of retro running shoes and trousers, we will present two sets of LookBook as a reference. The two sets of models take the overall color as a starting point and a set of starting points in blue. It can be said that blue is the color that boys can't misplace. Blue with different brightness can also make the level very rich. At the same time in the summer and autumn can alternately use the texture highlights of other single products to enhance the overall shape of the full sense. Another set of street gear is based on the classic black and red color scheme. With accessories such as a fisherman's hat and shoulders, it will not appear too monotonous in the summer, and it will also make you feel more like a street boy.

R698 Blocked (release price: 799RMB) R698 Mesh-Neoprene (release price: 769RMB) all from PUMA ( this site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center. Brand recommendation: Four Seasons bear morning)

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