Boudoir abide by the "sincere service, to achieve the quality of" concept

Gui Mi is the Shenzhen Yaoyi Ya Clothing Industry Co., Ltd. effort to build a health care underwear brand, has been the boudoir underwear brands are adhering to Shenzhen boudoir Ya Clothing Industry Co., Ltd. "Sincere service to the quality of Zhen" The concept of running enterprises, is committed to the brand Guiru healthy and long-term development, abide by this philosophy, Gui Lin underwear brand to quickly from China hundreds of thousands of different types of underwear brands stand out in the market and word of mouth Achieve a win-win situation.


The so-called "attainable quality" undoubtedly refers to the quality of the product. Any business, any brand you want to develop, you want to stand out, not relying on a simple slogan can be achieved, there is no good products and products that stand the test of the market to make any guarantee, any slogan is nothing more than an empty talk. Linyi underwear brand has its own underwear design research and development team, with its own underwear production plant, on the design excellence, exquisite grasp of the process, the strict requirements of the production process and strict control ensure the excellent quality of the brand Gucci underwear . Boudoir underwear brand will be released twice a year new products - Spring and summer new products and autumn and winter new products, along with new product release will be ordered. Every time the new product release will lead to strong market sentiment and the industry continued to pay attention, because the designer boudoir underwear brand for each new release can bring a refreshing new innovative design concept, blowing a burst of underwear fashion whirlwind.

At the same time, the boudoir underwear brand owns two underwear factories, located in Humen Town, Dongguan City, Longjing Road 11 Peng Jinhui Industrial Park and Shantou Chaonan Qu Xiaoshan South Industrial Park will be good, the total area of ​​two plants Nearly 50,000 square meters, is a modern integrated underwear factory which integrates technology research and development, design, manufacturing, and multi-functions of modern logistics. Modern production equipment, skilled production staff and strict quality control standards to ensure the quality of products underwear boutiques brand. The "sincere service", refers to the customer is to provide satisfactory service. Service is another essential weapon for modern enterprises based on the competition in the industry. Gui Lin underwear brand want to become the new benchmark for China's underwear industry, the inevitable understanding of the importance of service. For now, the boudoir underwear brand to stand out successfully to achieve a win-win market and word of mouth, an important factor is the brand of excellent service culture.

For each brand franchisee franchisee customers, professional training etiquette knowledge of the brand Guiru brand all staff will uphold a sincere and sincere service for them. For each customer, her staff will be free training for them, to explain knowledge of underwear, marketing knowledge training, free storefront design for clients, supervisors and other supervisors with store supervision and other integrated and comprehensive service. Every customer who came to inspect the headquarters of the boudoir brand can feel the excellent service culture and corporate culture brought by the boudoir staff.

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