2015 autumn and winter women's trends: lace elements

Lace items are very hot this year, and people will not miss the same bottoming shirt for lace. Elegant and introverted lace bottoming shirt is a bit old in Xiao Bian's consciousness, but after seeing the people's outfits, they found that when we didn't know, the lace bottoming shirt had

Jewelry watch: cheap luxury worthy of your start

The autumn shoot of 2015 has officially opened. The reporter found that this autumn auction, jewelry, watches, high-end wine, handbags and other luxury goods auctions have increased signs, and the auction categories are more and more diversified, some auction companies wil

貔貅Bangle wearing tips

1. The human body gas field is left to right, so the bracelet should be worn in the left hand. The obsidian bracelet can be worn with the left hand and the right hand. It can be lucky to wear the left hand and use the right hand to ward off evil. 2, wearing a è²”è²

2015 Autumn Cardigan Trend: Lightweight Design

One season, a cold, cool people have put on cardigans, passers-by number one, passers-by number two, passers-by three ... ... more embarrassing is the face of a shirt, then, the question is, how to wear to be unique , step back ten thousand, even if the Zhuangshan won her, of course, the best resul

I took off your free-flowing entertainment actress

Bennett, September 18th, at the Venice premiere of the film "Equal Ethnicity," Kristen Stewart, a whimsical "K-K," once again expressed his tediousness to high-heeled shoes in action. "Yes, she! Again! Off! Shoes! The reason why I say it again is because Xiao K really does

Mary Jane laces you into the retro dream of trendy girl

This site September 18 hearing, Mary Jane Chinese translation is Mary - Jane, the traditional Mary Jane refers to that kind of band across the instep, mostly low and medium, the front toe area is relatively wide and rounded Shoes. Now it has been improved and innovated by major designers. It refe