[Common textile manual] dress

Overview Also known as a jumpsuit, it refers to a shirt and skirt that are connected together. It is the basic variety of women's matching clothing. It has the characteristics of strong overall appearance, flexible shape, showing the graceful posture of women, wearing cool in summ

Legend about carnelian

Carnelian is also known as Sadoine or Mecca, and sometimes English is also spelled Carnelian. The English name comes from the Latin carne (blood flesh), meaning its orange color. The shadow of the red chalcedony can be found in almost every great civilization. From the Ur

2015 spring and summer dress trends: Qiao printed petals

This season, high-profile eye-catching print continues to occupy the T station. Whether it is the retro and chic red, the bold blue or the dark blue, all are carefully planned by designers to show the brave self-confidence of modern women. In hot summer, you have a reason to boldly try printing. Bo