Shuguang International Jewelry Industry City “Trial Operation”


Recently, the reporter learned from the Gangcheng Industrial Park that the Shuguang International Jewelry Industry City·Hong Kong Station Sales Exhibition Center, jointly established by Chongqing Shuguang Construction Group Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Jinyuan Group and Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers Association, is in the bonded port of Jiangbei Cuntan. The second floor of the District Bonded Goods Exhibition and Trading Center is open for trial operation.

The reporter saw that in the 600 square meters spacious and bright jewelry display area, AQUEEN Jewelry, WCJ Jewelry, Junhuang Jewelry, Daxin Jewelry, Haoting Jewelry and many other internationally renowned jewelry brands, including gold inlays, diamonds and pearls, were brought together. Hundreds of jewelry, such as agate, amber, and blue ruby. It is understood that the price of the goods here is relatively favorable, and customers can enjoy the shopping experience released simultaneously with the world.

The reporter learned that “Shuguang International Jewelry Industry City” is one of the three regional sections of Chongqing Shuguang Construction Group Co., Ltd., which invested 400 million yuan in the Dawning International Jewelry Industrial Park in the D Zone of Gangcheng City Park. The industrial park is currently under construction.

After the completion of the “Shiguang International Jewelry Industry City”, it will gather the major jewellery regional trade agents, and have a wholesale headquarters base and a cross-border e-commerce supporting retail base, fully relying on the advantages and policy preferences of the Cuntan Bonded Port and the Free Trade Port. To form an integrated operation service for jewelry production, processing, design, ordering and testing, and to provide better and more convenient supporting services for the “Dawn International Jewelry Industry City·Hong Kong Station” sales exhibition center and other jewelry markets. Leading the fashion trend of the jewelry industry, promoting the diversified development of the jewelry market brand, creating a new style and new concept of jewelry culture.

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