Mary Jane laces you into the retro dream of trendy girl

This site September 18 hearing, Mary Jane Chinese translation is Mary - Jane, the traditional Mary Jane refers to that kind of band across the instep, mostly low and medium, the front toe area is relatively wide and rounded Shoes.

Now it has been improved and innovated by major designers. It refers to the shoes with one or more straps on the shoes.

[Only you can't think no one can't do it]

Mary Jane's fashionable return, here will inevitably be small fresh Taylor's credit, shot in front of their own apartment in various street shooting style, all-in-one retro floral dress + lady handbag + colored Mary Jane shoes.

Miss Chung, who has always been comfortable and simple, also likes Mary Jane shoes, and is often used to display the tender weapon "small round neck."

Personally think, Jane flat-bottomed Mary looked very good, put on a kind of feeling of returning to childhood, wearing school uniforms, wearing a red scarf, wearing a red hat. Happy to drop on the way home

It can be said that this season is the best time to wear Mary - Jane, hot and cold. When you warm up, you can come up with a Japanese style wind and put on piles of socks. When it's cold, you can wear stockings or cotton pantyhose. Properly.

[å’± only recommend flat prices]

Marco Tozzi 300 soft coin

Pier One 372 soft brother coin

Dorothy Perkins 254 Softcoin

Zign 440 soft brother coin

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