2015 autumn and winter women's trends: damask elements

The brocade fabric is very suitable for wearing on occasions like banquets, and because the fabrics tend to be gorgeous, the models of the produced garments are relatively simple, and it is easier to highlight the elegant temperament. This season is like the Jade Wu, Marni and other overall damask

Women's 100 fashion underwear, wearing good underwear

Many women will worry about their chest is not flat enough, always feel less confident in the middle of the crowd, but in fact as a woman is no longer the size of the chest, but in health and chest type. Healthy chest and the perfect chest is the pride of a woman's capital, 100 women focused o

Polyhydroxyalkanoate fiber

The appearance of synthetic fibers has made important contributions to the beautification of people's lives, and has greatly changed our lives. However, due to the fact that the composition and structure of synthetic fibers are difficult to biodegrade, people who wear old clothes c

2015 spring and summer women's trend: pink light

After a few seasons, the pastel elements continued to be hot, but in the spring and summer of 2015, it was more inclined to carry a neutral and tough style in terms of style trends and silhouette, and it was women's tenderness, weakness and dominance. Blend. Neutral style pastel suits mostly. D

Packaging equipment needs constant innovation

Packing straps are in short supply in today's market, and strapping equipment was once favored by investors. The future development of the packaged machinery industry is not limited to itself, but it also requires more effort on equipment. China's packaging machinery industr