[Sea Jia Shi sharing]: the trend of physical clothing stores in the network trend

This is a network era, but also an online shopping era. Online shopping is growing at staggering rates every hour of the day, and more and more consumers choose to click their mouse to complete their shopping. The face of such a surging wave of online shopping, physical clothing store how to protect themselves?

Industry sources, there are three main ways to purchase stock online: First, manufacturers shop directly in the online business; Second, manufacturers of sales staff in the online shop, they are generally able to "internal price" or "employee price" get a very favorable Discount, and then sold online at a price lower than the mall; there is a case that some of the manufacturers of a single product.


The core secret of doing business is "the wall"

Operate a physical clothing store, the first thing to consider, is to establish a "wall" so that others can not enter. The store's "wall" is the area it serves, say 100-meter-long streets, it is impossible to squeeze 1,000 similar stores, jealousy to imitate competitors only a limited number of a dozen people, physical stores Services within the region of consumers, all with information blind spots.

And online, 100-meter-long streets can squeeze 1 million or more of its kind stores, with 100,000 imitators or more, and the cost of copying is close to zero. In addition, search engines also allow consumers to even blind spots of information.

In the Internet era, want to run a good physical store, it is necessary to "wall" base is more solid, or is dislocation management, such as sales network less old and middle-aged clothing; Or exclusive operation, such as a brand of clothing only physical stores Agents, but also to ensure that the national uniform price, a unified discount; either monopoly sales, control the line of supply.

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