Really jade shiny 2014 Shenzhen underwear show

Guangzhou really jade underwear Co., Ltd. is the first set research and development, production of professional underwear OEM. Designed to build China's first brand underwear OEM. This is also a shiny attendance at the 9th Shenzhen Underwear Fair, the booth is located in Hall No. 1 N12. An endless stream of people come to consult photos.


Simple design of the pavilion, really great. The most attractive is the white cylindrical ceiling, hung above the blue butterfly, lifelike, ingenious and beautiful. Looked down along the butterfly, is a new style of underwear, mature and charming black series, exudes a mysterious high-grade atmosphere, very Queen Fan children.


Followed by the eye-catching red decal wallpaper is red, set off the heart-shaped exquisite frame unique. The lively colors of the underwear in the exhibition stand are very distinctive. Fine splicing, smooth lines, all reflect the professional sophistication of underwear.

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