Feng Lin Group to bring its underwear brand strong landing in Shenzhen underwear exhibition in 2014

SIUF2014 China Shenzhen Underwear Fair opened on May 9 in Shenzhen, Feng Lin Group to bring its underwear brand a strong landing in Shenzhen underwear exhibition 2014, super underwear brand lineup in the Maple Leaf Group Pavilion to show you, gorgeous Pavilion Interior decoration and high-definition posters, let us see the maple lotus attention to the brand image. The underwear show, Maple Leaf Group's attitude with the brand to express the concern of women's health.

We see the large HD poster in the Pavilion of the Maple Leaf Pavilion, which is shown by Li Caihua. Her positive sunshine coincides with the brand concept of the underwear brand of the Maple Lin Group. The attitude toward life and the health concern are that the Maple Ling Group Has been the goal of the struggle.


Since the establishment of the group, the company has been committed to the care of women's health, family happiness and social harmony as its own responsibility. It fully spreads social responsibility, and which brand enables enterprises to survive in the long-term and healthy. The show, Maple Leaf Group has always been the concept of this throughout, which is a good show their own brand image.

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