2015/16 women's autumn and winter trends: the beauty of nature

Leading Speech: The continuous enhancement of environmental awareness, the two different fields of humanities and nature, and the combination of the two to create a new cold space. The fuzzy boundary between fiction and reality, the close relationship between nature and environment. The development of science and technology to improve the damaged ecosystem has made it imperative for nature to return to its original state. It has also frozen a powerful natural force and humans and nature are looking for an intermediate point of balance.


Theme: The original appearance

The cold and barren natural environment brings the inspiration of winter camouflage, the bleak scene covered by heavy snow and frost, the volcanic ash and the winter white smoke, the muddy mixing of mud and ice, the chilling atmosphere of the Ice Age, and the irregular texture. The filter returns to the original rough feeling.


Theme: Ice Storage

The ice-covered winter brings transparent protection and the frozen life is preserved until the arrival of spring. The beauty between transparency and translucency, the lusterless and dull surface material imitates the natural state of being frozen, the rest of life and time in the cold ice world, sealed the unpredictable strength.


Theme: Winter protection

Animals of wild nature are led by wolves, and difficult-to-escape prey is closely watched. Irregular markings add fur to the wild style. Imitation of the wolf hair texture made of artificial materials and acupuncture fur into a new winter focus, luxurious luster or rough hairy surface, is the best protection equipment for the cold winter.


Theme: Delicate icicles

The winter's uncanny workmanship is an elaborate and complex structure of icicles. This natural state of beauty has a strong and sharp sense of protection. Create a sculptural work with this sharp texture, or inspire new surface textures and exaggerated crystal inlaid effects to pack out the cold and proud attitude of iceberg beauty.

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