Printed embroidered bed products washing precautions

Using the right method when washing the bedding can not only keep its color bright, but also enhance its service life.
Washing bedding, we often have a misunderstanding: that is, washing bed products are a program. In fact, according to the process, color, fabric, size and other aspects of the bedding, it is not possible to operate in a uniform mode during the washing process.
Here are some precautions for several different types of bedding:
1. Printed Bedding 1. Detergent bleaching agent with bleaching agent has strong detergency, but it has bleaching function. It is easy to cause the color of the printed products to fade.
2. Wait for the detergent to be fully dissolved in the water and then put it into the bedding. Whether it is machine wash or hand wash, after selecting the detergent, dissolve the detergent in the water and put it into the dirty quilt cover. Such a dirty quilt can fully absorb the cleaning molecules in the detergent, which is more conducive to the cleaning of the bedding.
3. Do not soak in water for a long time (generally should not exceed 1 hour)
Soaking in water for a long time not only damages the color of the printed quilt cover, but also immersing for too long will cause the fabric to expand, deform and shorten its service life.
4. Do not expose to the sun for a long time. Exposure to the sun will also fade the bed.
2. Embroidery products Embroidery products are mostly made of computer embroidery, and some are made by hand embroidery. The biggest trouble when embroidering products are washed is that the embroidery thread is off-line, silky, or even hooked, washing and embroidering. In addition to the 1, 2, and 3 points of the printed products, it is important to remember that before the third point is soaked, the inside of the embroidery quilt should be turned out and the embroidered side should be turned in. In a washing machine that has dissolved detergent, be sure to take a gentle washing method.

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