A large number of jade artifacts unearthed in the cemetery of the Shu State

The cemetery of the Shu State is a public cemetery of the vassal state of the Western Zhou Dynasty to the Spring and Autumn Period. It has undergone two large-scale excavations and has more than 30,000 pieces of cultural relics unearthed.

In particular, nearly 10,000 pieces of jade unearthed, complete in variety, excellent in jade, exquisite in style, beautiful in ornamentation and exquisite in craftsmanship, the high value of which is rare in the archaeology of the Zhou Dynasty. It is an art treasure in the pre-Qin period of China.

Although there are a large number of jade artifacts unearthed in the cemetery of the Shu State, there are few jade articles with inscriptions. At present, there are only five reports. Things are rare, and the rareness of the inscriptions on the jade is greatly enhanced.

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