Qilu Acrylic Fiber Factory achieved new breakthrough in economic and technical indicators in the first half of the year

In the first half of this year, Acrylic Fiber Factory continued to optimize the operation of acrylonitrile and acrylic devices and achieved a "safe and long-term excellent" operation. It produced a total of 52,400 tons of acrylonitrile, completed Qilu's annual assessment target of 61.67%, and cumulatively increased production by 35,700 yuan over the previous year. Tons; production of acrylic fiber 32,100 tons, cumulative increase of 0.65 million tons last year. The two devices have reached the limit level, and the acrylonitrile plant has created a monthly average daily output of 293 tons, and the acrylic device has created the best historical record of 196 tons per month. The smooth running rate of the acrylonitrile plant was 97.2%, and Qilu's assessment of the “strive for effort” index was completed.

Various technical indicators reached new heights. In addition to the acrylonitrile production and the daily average output of acrylic fiber, the economic and technical indexes of acrylonitrile devices, such as material consumption, ignition energy consumption, acrylic device consumption, and ignition energy consumption, have also created the best in history. In the first half of the year, acrylonitrile consumed 1,103.86 kg/ton of propylene, acrylonitrile consumption of 500.84 kg/ton, acrylic fiber consumption of three singles of 991.41 kg/ton, and mixed consumption of acrylic fiber of 29.88 kg/ton. Both companies completed the company's “striving to strive” index. The comprehensive energy consumption of the whole plant was 604.16 kg of standard oil per ton, and the company completed the “striving” indicator for the assessment. It saved a total of 9,308 tons of standard oil and achieved an energy saving rate of 24.17%. The energy conservation and energy saving rate were ranked first in Qilu Company.

It has significant effects in tapping potential and increasing efficiency. Since April, the plant has actively carried out the work of tapping potential and increasing efficiency. All units have acted swiftly to clearly identify potential targets, refine tasks and measures, and pay close attention to implementation, so that they can constantly interrogate, check every day, and continuously optimize. All departments fully cooperate with each other in a timely manner. Solve the problems encountered in the implementation of the workshop to tap potential and efficiency measures. By optimizing the operation of acrylonitrile reactors, reducing the amount of acrylic fiber used in the production of hundreds of tons of fibers, improving the moisture regain of the tow, and reducing the transitional wire, effectively reducing material consumption, a total of 13.1048 million yuan in efficiency in 3 months; through the optimization of the acrylonitrile plant waste heat furnace Operate the prolific steam, stabilize the acrylic tower single cell tower operation, optimize spinning machine and washing machine parameters, improve condensate recovery and other measures, effectively save electricity, save water, reduce fuel consumption, and increase the total effect by 5,507,200 yuan; Consumption efficiency of 1.654 million yuan.

At the same time, the plant continued to carry out quality research and quality improvement, and did a good job in customer technical service work. In the first half of the year, it achieved the goal of quality complaints of “zero”, and the user satisfaction rate reached 98.7%, an increase of 0.2 percentage points from the same period of last year.

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