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Fuzhou Bo Yang Garments Co., Ltd. is Taiwan's Boai Yang Fashion Co., Ltd. high family brand of Chinese marketing company international design and marketing company-INTERNATIONAL, international enterprises in Taiwan Tai Bo Yang fashion companies, relying on keen market vision, to create Sex into the parent-child marketing area. Over the years, its original product development and marketing expertise, has become the world's leading position. Professional multi-brand apparel agency experience-SPECIALTY. Acting as a distributor of 36 first-line department store counters women's brand of rich experience, more practiced a sensitive market sense of smell, marketing network runs through all of Taiwan, to build a professional marketing team with a dedicated business consultant group fashion kingdom. Create a parent-child relationship in the fashion industry -FAMILY. In 2003, in response to the development of the Greater China market, we collaborated with the designer Sophia to create the "Gentle People Family" brand series of paternity packs that appeal to parents and children with unique design style, exquisite craftwork and lively colors. With more family experience clothing line-DIVERSITY. At the same time, it extends the ideal of situational life of "love" and "beautifulness" of the family and extends the development of lovers 'and sisters' garments to transform people's inner desire and dream into their humanity's clothes and become unique in international fashion Fashion coordinates.

Founded in 1999 Consinee Group is located in China coastal city Ningbo. Based on the effort of Consinee people Consinee has become an advanced green manufacturing industry chain base in dyeing, spinning of woolen, worsted, semi worsted cashmere & cashmere and Fancy Yarn , as well as high end fabrics, import and export trade, E logistics, intelligent production and informatization platform.  it is China leading manufacturers and suppliers of Mongolian Cashmere Yarn, Cashmere Nylon Yarn, Cashmere Blend Yarn and various natural fibre yarn.

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