LISCA underwear to meet your longing for the temptation and confidence

Founded on August 5, 1955, LISCA was initially an embroidered workshop specializing in women's red and the company turned to underwear production and achieved rapid growth.The brand was promoted on the basis of its ingenuity, professionalism, and superiority The quality In the past 50 years of development, LISCA already has its own brand and multi-product line. And in many countries has accumulated rich experience in the operation of the market Lisca wholeheartedly concerned about the production process, as well as the quality of each process, many factors promote the development of LISCA.


Lisca is a recognized underwear pioneer. Swimwear and tops, especially in Europe, follow the wishes of valued feminine consumers to meet their physical and psychological needs with high-quality products and their longing for beauty, temptation and confidence! "The Lisca brand is synonymous with originality, high quality and affordable, and is a collection of underwear, swimwear and blouses that combine style and style." The advent of LISCA products is entirely dependent on its program, the different types of design is mainly taking into account the needs of women consumers in all aspects.

LISCA内衣  满足您对诱惑力和自信心的憧憬

LISCA underwear is an additional advantage of its rich variety of good colors, all sizes, including large or small, and other special sizes LISCA follow the wishes of noble women consumers, with high quality products to meet their physical and psychological needs, as well as their The vision of beauty, allure and confidence

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