Anyang Textile Industry Agglomeration District Promotes Traditional Industry

Anyang City's textile industrial agglomeration area closely follows the development requirements of the "four-in-one-one-turn" development, continues to improve infrastructure, fosters advantageous industries, and strongly promotes the sustained, rapid, and healthy development of industrial agglomeration areas. In 2011, the agglomeration area is expected to complete a fixed assets investment of 2.7 billion yuan, and an industry above designated size will realize an operating income of 1.4 billion yuan, a tax revenue of 40 million yuan, and an investment of 470 million yuan in actual investment.

At present, there are 8 industrial enterprises above designated size in the agglomeration area, employing 4,148 people and a built-up area of ​​3.2 square kilometers. In 2011, the agglomeration had 12 projects under construction including 10,000 tons of high-performance lithium-electric copper foil and Henan Shenan Heavy Industry, with a total investment of 3.6 billion yuan. Among them, 7 billion yuan were under construction, and 1 billion yuan was put into production. In addition, key projects such as Jinkun Machine Tool, Zhongheng Control, Huayang Electromagnet, etc. have completed the construction of the land and the construction of the wall. The construction of the plant area will be started, and the construction of major projects will be steadily advanced.

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