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~ A trace of not fake: Special offer: linen BOBO 12 linen whole meatballs 17 flower è‹ž 1

Wig color: dark coffee light brown black long hair: 19
Short bobo: 15 (normal short BOBO)
Fluffy bobo: 16
Lengthen bobo: 18 (including medium and long)
Pear flower: 18
Egg roll: 20
Male hair: 20
Kill Matt: 25
Middle-aged: 20
Irregular female short hair: 20
White, golden, pink BOBO: 22
White male hair: 25
White long hair (rolled and straight): 28
Whole meatballs: 20
Big hair bag: 5
Small hair bag: 2
Five clips and hair pieces: 10
Two clips hair piece: 4
Pear flower head hair extension: 15
Liu Hai tablets: 6
Horsetail: 8
GAGA bow: 6
Princess big hair bag: 10 (only dark coffee color)

Wig accessories:
Bracket: 3
Big comb: 3 (wood comb)
Small comb: 1 (cartoon)
Advanced hair net: 1
Repair solution 100ml: 3
Repair liquid 250ml: 8
Hardcover bottle repair fluid: 10
Ordinary hair net: 1 yuan 3 ordinary hair nets: 0 only one
A care kit (stent high net 100ml care solution small comb) 8
B care kit (stent high net 250ml care solution big comb) 12
C care kit (stent high net 280ml care solution shampoo big comb) 18
Wig color card: black (natural black) dark coffee color (dark brown, deep maroon, brown, dark brown, brown red) gold brown (light brown ordinary hair net 0 ps: one can only send one ordinary hair net, plus 1 yuan Money, a few wigs will be distributed to a few ordinary hair nets. The purchase of advanced hair nets will no longer send ordinary hair nets.
(For the convenience of wearing, it is recommended to buy a high-end hair net, the ordinary hair net is a gift, if there is a miss, the company is not responsible)

Diet pills: (health products)
瀚美堂 Left 璇Carnitine thin body 2 generation: 10
Bomeitang left scorpion carnitine thin body 3 generations: 10
Bomeitang left ç’‡ carnitine stovepipe 3 generations: 10
Bomeitang L-carnitine 4th generation (iron box): 15
Bomeitang L-carnitine 5th generation: 15
Bomeitang is not thin: 28
瀚美堂 L-carnitine: 10
Besunyen slimming tea: 10
360 left to lose weight coffee: 5
Westwood L-carnitine milk tea: 10
Double S Fat Burning Oil Weight Loss Set: 12
Lazy people enjoy thin patch (sleeping thin patch 10 pieces) 8
Snow bubble thin (only sell black): 10
American natural flowers: 15
Plastic leg wrap: 2
Plastic waist wrap: 2
Green thin: 35
4C Diamond Slimming: 28
OB protein: 20
70D spring and autumn models semi-transparent meat Ting pantyhose fat burning socks: 12 (black flesh)
50D summer models through the meat Ting pantyhose fat burning socks: 10 (only black brown)

Breast enhancement products:
Blossoming speed: 6
The new federal is really beautiful: 6
Red wine papaya soup: 15
4C Diamond Breast Enhancement: 25

Cosmetics: Skin Care/Whitening/Others. .
Beauty skin natural white: 20
Natural Hall Ice Coagulation Full Frequency Sunscreen Lotion: 20
SKIN79 red bucket BB cream: 25
Ice muscle white: 15
Bear Lip Gloss Jelly Powder 2#:7
HR Herrain nude makeup lipstick: 7 (only 5#)
HR Lace Mascara: 8
Hello Kitty Mascara: 8
French Pasha the Blemish Concealer Concealer: 5 (woman I recommend)
Danny makeup box blush + powder + two-color eyebrow powder + lip gloss + eye shadow + mirror + shadow powder + 2 pens: 18
Automatic Rotating Eyeliner: 3 Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil 2 Color Coffee/Black: 1
Find a cat double eyelid stickers 80 times: 3
Check a cat mascara 8ml: 8
Evra natural color concealer: 4
Maybelline 9 times thick mascara: 8
DHC Eyelash Growth Fluid: 8
Flamingo Eyeliner with Brush: 6
DODO Value BB Cream + Loose Powder + Cute Puff + Cream + PP Bag Set: 15 (easy to carry)
Beautiful Diary Advanced Cotton Pad 80 Pieces: 5
Three trees handmade false eyelashes: 8
Liz Jiao Puff Foundation Bottom: 4
Eyelash glue / double eyelids / glue eye glue 10ml with small fork: 7
Hello Kitty Aloe Vera Exfoliating Serum: 10
Hello Kitty Cherry Whitening Exfoliating Serum: 10
Hello Kitty Red Cherry Soft Nourishing Cleansing Cream: 8
Hello Kitty Green Cucumber Acne Cleanser: 8
Hello Kitty Ginkgo Whitening Moisturizing Cleanser: 8
Hello Kitty Deep Sea Mud Oil Cleansing Foam: 8
Hello Kitty Ginkgo Whitening Moisturizing Lotion: 15
Hello Kitty Isolation Repair BB Cream: 15 can prevent computer radiation
Hello Kitty Pink Smooth BB Cream: 15
Hello kitty Pearl Moisturizing Powder: 12
Hello Kitty Limited Edition Blush: 10 (2# 4# 2 color notes)
The face shop planting cream: 6 green (effective acne marks) purple (suitable for all skins)
Bell's eye pattern eliminates: 28 (large suit)
Bell Bell Eyes Elimination: 15 (small suit)
Shi Bi Hair Removal Cream / Permanent Hair Removal Set: 20
Pearl powder 250g homemade mask essential: 5
Small Loofah Water 120ml: 6
Large loofah water 320ml: 12
CC Freckle Oil: 28 (sweat/radiation spot)
Bitter melon detoxification acne acne no trace cream: 5
Increased insole: 8
Fluffy powder: 3
Lens-free eyeglass frame (black and white leopard three colors): 3
SpongeBob SquarePants Big 3 Small 2
BOBO head plate hair big 4 small 3
Princess hair dryer: 8
Hokkaido hair cream + double oxygen milk: 10
MG mask: 1 yuan a total of 30 logs have a detailed introduction [1] milk [2] left-handed VC white [3] green tea [4] chamomile [5] rose [6] red wine [7] olives (lack) [8] Aloe [9] Vitamin E
[10] deep sea collagen [11] black rice white-white translucent mask [12] fragrant peach - whitening mask [13] pomegranate [14] strawberry [15] wild rose [16] white tea [17] green jade grape [18 Oatmeal [19] Forest Clear Spring [20] Bean Quality [21] Bamboo Salt Crystal Extract [22] Basil Qingying [23] Oxygen Hot Spring [24] Ice Curing Soothing [25] Ocean Ice Spring [26] Sea Coconut Oil [27] Marine microalgae [28] Jojoba [29] hyaluronic acid [30] Furong snow

It has the characteristics of lightness, comfort, easy-care, fashion and reasonable price.

Over 20 years growth, the company has cultivated a team of experienced technical and management staff and owned the modern facilities and automatic assembly lines from dyeing, knitting, finishing and deep processing.

Meanwhile, the company always follows the fashion steps, continuously innovates and develops new products, and improves the management and service ability.

The upscale faux fox fur and Knitting Wool products reach the domestic and international high level. Products have been exported to the United States, Australia, Japan, Russia and Vietnam. In addition, according to the report from international accredited testing institutions, the test of formaldehyde in some products is ND level. The company receives high praise from the international specialists.

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