U.S. Develops Thermal Management Polyester Fiber to Make Functional Underwear

Business News Agency January 20, the United States Outlast Technologies (Outlast Technologies) announced the launch of Outlast air conditioning polyester fiber. After extensive research and development, Outlast succeeded in creating the first thermal management polyester fiber, and its technology has a wide range of applications and markets.

Outlast Air Conditioning Polyester Fiber is a bi-component fiber composed of phase change material (PCM) and polyester. Other air conditioning fibers include PCM air-conditioning viscose and air-conditioning acrylic. At present, Outlast has introduced polyester staple fibers for the first time in the market, and will next release filaments.

Glastroda, president and CEO of Outlast Fiber Technologies, said that Outlast Technologies is a leader in fiber thermal management and moisture reduction technologies. Air-conditioned polyester fiber will further penetrate Outlast technology into the functional apparel sector and will become a new benefit growth point.

It is understood that air-conditioning polyester fiber has the advantages of low water absorption, anti-wrinkle, tear-proof, wear-resistance, etc., as well as unique thermal management capabilities. It is very suitable for the production of functional clothing and other clothing close to the skin, including T-shirts, socks, sportswear, underwear and so on. In January 2011, the air-conditioned polyester staple fiber will be unveiled for the first time in an outdoor retailer's market at Salt Lake City Salt Palace Conference Center in Utah, USA.

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