ayk trendy women's experience the latest international fashion tide

ayk trendy women's unique creative tailoring, bright colors, interesting details of the full treatment of simple, stylish, full of passion for life, concerned about the young girls daily fashion will be inspired by fashion into them, highlighting the sweet youthful, full of confidence, Sensual, casual reflects the delicate curves.


The new Spring Summer 2010 collection features Sweetie and Glamor's fashionable girls' life with Extraordinary Sweetie and Summer Glamor, with lemon, cherry, blue, beige, silver, gold, silver, navy and black .

ayk潮流女装 体验国际最新最潮的时尚

AnotherFCK owns six independent brands, each brand has its own design team, each brand, are committed to design the trend in the field of fashion cutting-edge style. A single brand for quarterly bookings (four times a year) has about 300 of the latest models available. The k * facto.2y is to achieve nearly 500 models a quarter of the new launch. This is inseparable from having a strong design team. A lot of fashion companies are worried about a problem, that is, the designer's flow will affect the brand's style and quality. And this is precisely the most advantageous place for our group. The reason is that the four directors of the group are fashion designers. Now they are the design directors of each brand of the company, ensuring continuity of brand style and supervision of quality.

ayk潮流女装 体验国际最新最潮的时尚

Another fashion club was founded by four passionate, persistent young designers. Adhere to the design concept of "innocence to see the world" throughout all the design, and the concept of deep into the company's employees, so that each and every employee know innocence is to explore, sincerely, with love. This philosophy is also why the company has been able to develop steadily for 16 years.

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