Reasons and Preventive Measures of Bubbles Produced by Screen Printing Plates

I. Cause
1. Stirring is not uniform before use, or the photosensitive adhesive itself has bubbles;
2. Dust in the plate making environment is more, causing dust to fall on the screen plate;
3. The speed of coating the photosensitive adhesive is not uniform and the coating speed is too fast;
4. When printing, there is dust on the negative plate of the plate. After exposure, the screen plate will produce bubbles.
II. Prevention methods
1. Before coating the photo-sensitive adhesive, stir the photo-sensitive adhesive until it bubbles disappear.
2. Add an appropriate amount of anti-foaming agent to the photosensitive adhesive and apply directly after mixing;
3. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the plate making environment and minimize dust;
4. When coating, it is necessary to keep the coating speed uniform and the coating speed should not be too fast
5. When printing, keep the image negative for the used image clean and free of dust.

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