Experts say that Hetian jade water line, cotton, crack, pulp is what?

When talking to Tian Yu, experts often mention words that we are not familiar with by laymen or newcomers, such as the waterline, cotton, cracks and pulp that are most often heard. But before explaining this, let's talk about some basic things.


"What are you playing with Hetian jade seeds? 』

Many people do not buy Hetian jade jewelry directly like ordinary buyers. They prefer to play with materials. The skin-colored, sparse, lustrous material is very comfortable to touch, and it is worth playing.

The materials that are worth playing are very expensive and the value is high, but the value is not determined by the size, but what kind of material is in the range and relative value. Of course, these materials are natural, repaired, and worn. Not a play material.

"How is the value of Hetian jade seed material judged? 』

The reasons that affect the value of Hetian jade seed material, from large to small, are the fine thickness and whiteness. In general, the fine and thick seeds are rarely white, and the finer and thicker Hetian jade is oiled faster.


● Fine thickness: the density of the seed material

The higher the density of Hetian jade seed, the faster the oil and the better the feel, but the better the seed, the less the yield.

●Color: Thousands of colors

The seed material has three colors of white material, flashing green and flashing gray. When the thickness of the fine enamel is not bad, we will further investigate the color.

1. White material: The structure is relatively loose, so it is not so delicate, and the thickness is not good. It must be white and delicate. How can fish and bear's paws have both?

2. Flashing: Experts say that buying green does not buy ash, because the seed of flashing green will turn white after processing on the machine, and the thickness of fine enamel can not be compared with other materials. The price of flashing green material is reasonable, and newcomers who want to play with seed materials can consider starting from this piece.

3. Flashing gray: Unpleasant color, dull and dull, although it will be delicate, but there are not many thick materials, more cotton, and the structure is loose.

A delicate and honest explanation of Hetian jade material:

Simply add, for example, we often buy pork slab oil back from the market. When it's hot, it's time to call it delicate. When it's semi-solidified, it's thick, then it's all solidified. It's not like this! I don’t know the image.

"Hetian jade's ç‘•ç–µ: water line, cotton, crack, pulp"

Water lines, cotton, cracks, and pulp are discovered by experts when they play with seed materials. When they talk about the value of Hetian jade, they will be mentioned more or less.

●Waterline: help you find good seeds


Many people don't like the waterline, which is believed to have destroyed the beauty of Hetian jade, but for those who play with the seeds, they find that the water-lined material is more delicate than the general material.

● Cotton: affects the value of floating up and down


The first thing that must be confirmed is that there will be cotton, and even a very thick material will be there. There are many states of cotton, such as large particles, small particles, foggy, flower-like, and the like.

When the cotton on the seed material is worn, it is decisively discarded; when it comes to the work that will focus on the cotton, it depends on the aesthetic value of the work to decide whether to start.

●Crack: Ten seeds and nine cracks


The general seed material will be cracked. If it feels good, you can find it for the designer, but don't worry too much when it is not clean. However, for the character jewelry, the face must not be cracked, this is taboo.

●Pulp: a bit like paste


Hetian jade's pulp, the image is like a paste, the expert is divided into two kinds of pulp, one is hard pulp, and the other is wearing pulp. Old players like to buy materials with hard pulp, delicate and thick; while the pulp is the most unsure material, the surface looks good, but the inside is not clear. Therefore, try not to buy cotton and plastic.

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