The role and use of hollow glass molecular sieve

[China Glass Net] The hollow glass molecular sieve can simultaneously absorb the moisture and residual organic matter in the insulating glass, so that the insulating glass can maintain a smooth and transparent even at a very low temperature, and at the same time can fully reduce the large variation of the insulating glass due to the seasonal and day-night temperature difference. The strong internal and external pressure difference, the hollow glass molecular sieve also solves the problem of twisting and breaking caused by expansion or contraction of the insulating glass, and prolongs the service life of the insulating glass. Adsorb the moisture in the inner cavity of the insulating glass, reduce the dew point, prevent the glass from fogging, thereby achieving the purpose of heat preservation and energy saving and noise reduction.

Insulating glass molecular sieve use :

The hollow glass molecular sieve is a crystalline aluminosilicate mineral pellet mainly used for drying air in a double-layer glass interlayer.

1) Absorb the moisture in the insulating glass and dry it.

2) Anti-condensation cream effect.

3) Cleaning effect. The amount of floating dust in the air (under the action of water) is very low.

4) Environmental protection. It can be recycled, is harmless to the environment, and can be recycled and reused.

5) Energy saving effect. It is used for insulating glass, reasonable cooperation with insulating glass aluminum strip and sealing glue to ensure the energy saving effect of insulating glass.

The correct use of hollow glass molecular sieves:

1. The special molecular sieve for insulating glass should be sealed and stored before use. If the package is damaged, it cannot be used. If the package has not been used, it cannot be used after packaging.

2. Filling should be done in a dry, dust-free room.

3. After the molecular sieve is opened and packaged, it is strictly forbidden to be exposed to the air for a long time. From filling to rubberizing and splicing, it should be completed continuously in a short time. The aluminum frame filled with molecular sieves should be made of insulating glass within 45 minutes.

4. There shall be no air leakage on the four sides of the sealed insulating glass.

5. After the hollow glass is glued, it is strictly forbidden to expose to the sun.

In short, to do: regular testing, drying, indoor, dust-free, fast loading, to prevent air leakage and exposure.

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