What is the English name of amethyst?

What is the English name of Amethyst? The composition of amethyst is silica, hardness 7, specific gravity of 2.65, refractive index of 1.54-1.55, and dichroism. Viewed from different angles, it can display a blue or red purple tone, usually made in a mixed or stepped facet. Naturally produced amethyst forms a beautiful purple color due to iron, manganese and other minerals. The main colors are lavender, purple, deep red, red, deep purple, blue and purple, etc., with deep purple and red is the best, too Light purple is more common.

The amethyst English name is amethyst. According to legend, Bacchus was full of anger at the dispute with the moon goddess Diana, and sent a fierce tiger to revenge, but unexpectedly met Diana’s girl Amethyst, Diana to avoid the girl’s death. Tiger claws, turning her into a clean and innocent crystal statue. Seeing the statue of the girl, Bacchus repented of her own behavior, and the tears of repentance fell on the crystal statue, and immediately dyed it purple.

Amethyst represents the "guardian stone of love" in Western countries. The legend can give deep love, harmony, honesty and courage between couples and husbands. In ancient Greek culture, amethyst is considered to be a symbol of Dionysus, enabling people to avoid getting drunk. Amethyst in China, five acts of wood, cleansing.


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