2015 Spring Fashion Week Women's Trends: Repeating Patterns

Street beat meitu during the spring/summer fashion week 2015, and you find the answer: a certain pattern (such as flowers, cartoons, text, geometric patterns, or even abstract elements) is arranged in a regular or irregular manner, and the same print is repeated Appear on fashion fabrics to attract

Application and introduction of cloth caps on the hat

Application and introduction of cloth cap button and cloth cap buckle Buttons for fabrics and buttons have irreplaceable effects on the hats, especially the sun hats, and leisure sports-type hats because of the buttons that are wrapped in the original body cloth. The 80 percent of

Increased propylene production

It is predicted that by 2005, the annual growth rate of propylene demand will be 5.6%, which is higher than the annual growth rate of ethylene demand of 3.7%. It is expected that the demand for propylene will reach 82 million tons by 2010. At this rate of increase, by 2004, there will be an increas

Blended use of waste polypropylene

PP/PE blends: Although recycled PP has a higher mechanical strength and modulus than recycled PE, like the new PP resin, the impact resistance of recycled PP is particularly poor in stress crack resistance and poor in low temperature performance. These performance characteristics are determined by