How to maintain the agate bracelet

agate Is a kind of jade, agate maintenance is called jade, then how to maintain the agate bracelet? Agate has a high hardness and good toughness and wear resistance, so it is not easily scratched by other substances. An agate bracelet that is worn by the human body will

Congratulations to the Ariza 2014 welcome party

The new year, the new departure, a new starting point, the Alyssa Company 2014 Welcome Party was held on February 25 and was a complete success. This evening party lasted an hour, with family songs and dances, There are fashion shows, the show is all very exciting, applause, at home after the danc

Mixed style trend hits shoes + dress wear lazy wind

This February 21 hearing, the shoes become the love of the current trend of love people a single product, not only because it is very comfortable to wear, more importantly, with the trend of mixed shoes hit the storm, bold match often seen , but also very unique style. Combine the shoes with elega