Printed embroidered bed products washing precautions

Using the right method when washing the bedding can not only keep its color bright, but also enhance its service life. Washing bedding, we often have a misunderstanding: that is, washing bed products are a program. In fact, according to the process, color, fabric, size and other aspects of the

Ancient Chinese jade culture

What is the meaning of ancient Chinese jade culture? Today Xiaobian also came to briefly explain the jade culture of ancient China. Since ancient times, people have liked jade very much. There are many kinds of stories about jade. Chinese people have many idioms that are

Houndstooth lattice with retro classic reproduction

Golden Age, the masters gathered, OBBLIGAT Aoli Jia to give the historical precipitation of the Houndstooth to rebirth of inspiration, with superb technology, unique vision, the clothing visual feast once again to the ultimate peak. OBBLIGATO Aoli Jiaodu, a relentless pursuit of luxury fa