Flowers bloom - LANDI Changchun Zhuo Zhan static mode exhibition review

Fade out of the spring fluttering fluttering, fade into the early summer thunder, April 26 in the LANDI Women Changchun Zhuozhan shop to show you the latest trends. Beautiful fashion model dressed in LANDI clothing for your wonderful interpretation of the elegant Blue Women, has attracted an endless stream of customers.


LANDI brand women to absorb the elements of European fashion, pay attention to the elements of the international fashion and the essence of the brand positioning fusion. R & D design team to France, Italy as the representative of fashion sources to collect the wind, drawing inspiration from all over the world of culture and art. LANDI Womenswear quarterly products have been imported into the aesthetics of the blend of culture and art form, to meet the needs of everyday dress classic high-end fashion women.

The Magnetic Monthly Pad is the perfect calendar for those who like to plan ahead! The large,9 x .75 magnet allows you to hang the calendar on any magnetic surface, keeping yourschedule visible and your plans up to date.

Any Size is Okay

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Q1:Which is the current market standard of of lenticular sheet?
A:The current market standard is 75lpi that can be used for most general applications. It could be used to make

all kinds of lenticular effects. For specific applications, there also exists lens with other lpi, gauge and material.


Q2:What is the maximum size of your lenticular sheet?
A:We are currently offering two main sizes of lenticular sheet. From 70lpi to 161lpi, the maximum size of our

 lenticular sheet is 510mm X 710mm with the printing area of 480mm X 680mm.We could supply special size

according to our clients` requirements if the order is big.


Q3:What is your minimum order and how much dose it cost?

A:The quantities of minimum order depend on the printing size of your products.Just tell us the size, we will

recommend you suitable lenticular sheets according to your applications as well as the minimum order and the price.


Q4:Will you accept order with quantity less than your suggested minimum?
A:Well ,it depends, if your project is not big in scale, please contact our marketing staff for discussion, we will try our

 best to make it happen.


Magnetic Calendar

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