Polka Dot dress with chiffon Dot dress with how

Chiffon, Polka Dot is the most indispensable dress on the fabric and elements, before the arrival of many summer crush are prepared for their own fashion summer style, with these two models based on the design elements of the dress, what kind of What? Let's take a look at Dan Tishi.

Dan Ti Shi women spring and summer 14 dress with the style, classic black and white wave point dress, the most design sense version of the former short and long after the version of the design of a more elongated type, whether short or long legs Very suitable for wear Oh, absolutely all the legs are beautiful.

波点连衣裙搭配 雪纺波点连衣裙怎么搭配

Black and white stitching colors, classic colors, chiffon fabric, are essential elements of summer, chiffon fabric dress is relatively light and cool, wave dot embellishment more vitality, the overall black and white with a little light-colored accessories can be added , Cross a bright color bag can also oh.

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